Why Join Propertize Owners Club

Join the Propertize Owners Club, which is the exclusive elite club for the owners to avail a host of benefits and offers by premium agencies and vendors. It is free and exclusive only to you. Be part of this unique club and celebrate your club ownership. An easiest way to save money by getting more – enjoy the power of networking!

The key benefits include-

1. Get advantages of being part of an exclusive largest property club.

2. A list of specialist companies that provide products and services with exclusive offers for the alteration, maintenance and servicing of the Owners buildings.They are known to Propertize and you can approach them with confidence.

3. Campaign for owners – Propertize continue to campaign for the owners of listed buildings for more and more benefits and rights.

4. Exclusive pricing for design changes, Interior Consulting, electrical installations,home shifting, home maintenance and management etc for registered project owners.

5. Members’ discount on our listed items. Redemption of coupons thru online to avail the discount.

6. Insurance advisory – Advice service dedicated to club members helping with their listed property insurance. Propertize have access to niche insurers for listed properties and will help owners to insure your home for the correct amount and free servicing thereafter.

7. Free access to property advices, interior tips, property alerts, property research reports, etc

8. Registered owner can offer the property for sale/rent to other owners of the same developers or other owner’s club members. It will be published free of cost.

9. Free listing of properties for sale/lease to outsiders thru Propertize website.

10. Telephone helpline – When registered owners need help quickly or want to discuss problems or plans, the Propertize helpline puts our experience at their disposal, providing free help for members. Our friendly club team of experts can assist them with any query they may have about buying, owning and maintaining a listed building.

11. Club online Magazine – The club’s online magazine will be published periodically which is free for all members.

12. Listed property show – Complimentary access to the listed property show every year.

Membership starts from as little as Rs.1,000 a year!
Join today and let the Propertize Owners Club save you stress, time and money.